Stainless steel sinks with offset drains - center drains- rear center drains - rear corner drains - and custom faucet hole locations to fit any specification desired.
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Custom stainless steel sinks.

Custom double sink bowls

Stainless Concepts, Inc., Our 14 gauge T304 stainless steel sinks are made here in the USA and designed with our customers in mind, allowing the customer to tell us the dimensions and where they want their drains located, whether in the center, rear center, off-set to the left or right, or a rear corner drain with custom faucet locations.

Custom Off-set drains                         Custom faucet holes

   Stainless Steel Sink with Offset Drains                 Stainless Sink with Custom Water Line Faucet Holes


Custom Hexagon sink 1    Custom hexagon sink 2

Custom Stainless Steel Hexagon Sinks


Countertop with built-in sink

Countertop with Built-in Sink, Faucet Holes, and electrical outlet holes.


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