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Stainless steel cabinets, glass doors, doors and drawer fronts.

Stainless steel complete kitchen with cabinets , drawere fronts, and doors

Custom Cabinets

Whether you just need an accent door or a complete kitchen replacement, these stunning stainless steel doors and drawer fronts will showcase your kitchen. These units are unlike any other on the market. Made from 304 grade stainless steel they have welded corners and a brushed satin finish on all six sides. There are not spot welds or screws used in the assembly. Only the clean, Crisp lines of the door itself are visible. The same advanced technology used in the aerospace industry is used to make these doors.

Countertop bottom view

Slab door and countertop bottom

SPECIFICATIONS: All doors are custom fabricated.  Door thickness is � inch although some special fabricated ones could be made up to 1-1/2". All doors are filled with a low density, light weight foam or with a honey comb core. Hinge holes are predrilled for Blum 35 mm hinges. Hinge holes are placed symmetrically about a horizontal line drawn through the center of the door. The centers of the hinge cup holes are .960 from the door edge. Holes for hardware are placed per customer requirements at an additional charge per door..

Countertop corner view

Corners on doors and countertops

General Notes: Buyers inexperienced with working with stainless steel should not attempt to drill holes without assistance. Stainless Concepts, Inc. is not responsible for damage caused to the door by the customer while drilling the holes. All grain directions are vertical. All doors and drawer fronts will be shipped with a PVC film attached to protect the surfaces from damage during shipment and handling. The PVC should not be removed until the last step in installing the units. Any smudges or residue can be cleaned with a stainless steel polish. This item can be purchased from your local hardware store.

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